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L&D is missing out on all the fun. When it comes to analytics and insight generation, L&D is miles behind other business functions. We want to change this—not by catching up but by leapfrogging.

Why? Humans drive change, not technology, balance sheets, or legal contracts — and learning is often the enabler of change.

Successfully training a person or team to do new stuff or old things in better, smarter, faster ways, creates added value but we need to measure these net gains. 

Equally, learning and development can fall flat and fail to create any change, or perhaps even make things worse. Again, data-driven insights can highlight this and turn things around.

Either way, now is the time to measure and increase your L&D impact. We can help. 

Measure Learning Impact. Why?

Learning and development, when done right, create change. You’ll be hugely rewarded if you measure impact.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce Operational Costs

gain competitive advantage

Gain competitive advantage

increase staff wellbeing icon

Improve staff wellbeing

create business value

Create business value

increase L&D investments

Optimise L&D investments

increase human innovation

Increase innovation

increase brand equity icon

Boost brand equity

increase employee productivity icon

Increase productivity

enhance ESG achievements icon

Enhance ESG achievements



verb in Latin

  1. acquire knowledge/skill of/in
  2. hear, get to know, become acquainted with
  3. learn


To learn more about our approach and how we can help you, let’s chat.

Learning Analytics Services

With our help, you’ll gain C-suite approval as you’ll be tracking, improving and reporting your L&D impact.

Learning audit showing a microscope and an upward charted trend.

Learning Audits

Quickly gauge the impact potential of your learning experiences with our learning audits. With our science-based standards, our audits analyse what goes into your learning experiences. The most comprehensive checks on the market, our audits analyse against proven best practices and scientific findings. 

Learner Profiling icon

Learner Analytics

Increase the change potential of your learners. Our learner analytics makes sure you don’t neglect where agency lies — your learners. Your people are key to success — they make the changes. If you’re seeking widespread behavioural changes, our analytics make sure you know what makes them tick. 

Impact Evaluation

Our advanced analytics evaluate impacts and their causes. If you want to attribute any change(s) to your L&D activities, we help you measure the amount and type of incremental change, what and who caused the observed changes, as well as measure your return — on value and expectations.

impact strategy icon for learning analytics

Value-Adding Strategy

We need to get strategic with analytics to add value. We give you the big picture and put in place a robust roadmap to achieve your goals. Fully aligned with your strategic vision and operational goals, we’ll ensure your L&D measurements deliver the strategic insights and results you and your C-suite want.

Learning Audit Report

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We offer end-to-end learning analytics across the entire L&D lifecycle.

Wherever you are on your learning analytics journey, we can help in diverse ways. But what makes Disco Analytics different?

We Work Different Ends

Our analytics apply to different ends. We work end-to-end, from metric creation, data sourcing, and ingesting to data visualisation, management, and reporting. We also analyse the learner journey, from start to finish.

Technology Agnostic

Effective learning analytics demands more than an analytics platform. You need data, expertise and the right tech stack. We work with you, whatever your tech ecosystem, to maximise your impact and value creation. 

We Open Boxes

We open up the so-called black box to find out what’s really going on, as this is the best way to solve problems, improve your L&D delivery, and create more learning impact and valuable organisational outcomes. 

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