Impact Seeking

Our analytics compass always points towards impact. When you’re pointing in the right direction, you’re far more likely to reach your desired destination. 


People Centric

We focus on helping people and organisations reach their potential. With everyone memorised by AI’s capabilities, it’s easy to forget what matters most—people.



We’re laser-focused on generating and using insights to elevate your L&D impact and value. Data isn’t enough. Unless our data are transformed into valuable insights, we miss the point. 

The Values We Live By

No Bullshit

Many claim their product or service is “science-backed.” Yet we often get a whiff of you know what. We vet vendor claims and our own. 


We currently live in a polarised world; either/or thinking is prevalent. We embrace ambiguity and uncertainty, and thrive on both/and situations.

Loopy Thinking

As system thinkers, we zoom in and out of the big picture. This helps to ward off unintended consequences. It can also unearth some positive surprises. In brief, we’re always looking for, mapping, and figuring out feedback loops.  

Seriously Fun

Impact evaluation, learning metrics and your success is serious stuff. But we’ll get there faster and better if we also have fun. 


Nothing stays still. Life is dynamic. Yet all too often, complacency sets in—things fall apart. By embracing dynamics, we’re always on our toes, looking for the next opportunity to make something positive happen. 

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Our Founder and CEO

Disco Analytics is brand new on the L&D scene, but it’s been a long time coming for our founder, Dr Nicola Thomas. Nic faced her first major impact evaluation challenge 25 years ago during her PhD — how to help householders and businesses protect fragile river and coastal ecosystems. While working for five years as a change consultant (a mixed approach – science comms, education, social marketing), her PhD research, awarded in 2005, focused on impact evaluation—from needs analysis and process evaluation to outcome and impact evaluation — to measure and understand the impact.

Learning makes things happen. It’s high time L&D was elevated in status as a key revenue and impact driver. But we need to prove its impact. We’re excited to help you do just that – prove your value so you can reap the benefits. 

Since her PhD, Nicola has worked in diverse learning environments—digital, hybrid, face-to-face—and across many subject domains, from leadership and data science to change interventions for various causes and organisations, including a decade-long stint in higher education (Associate Professor / Degree Programme Leader), and before, during and since, has worked with diverse corporations, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurs.

Learning Analytics is a team sport

Learning analytics draws on a broad range of exciting tools, methods and approaches. While Nicola is highly experienced across the board, we offer a talent cloud of experts to potentially work on your project, including at very short notice. 

Word cloud with a large range of learning analytics skills.

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