Let’s get to know each other.

There are many good reasons for us to chat. The most obvious is to figure out, risk-free, whether we’d be a good match for your learning impact needs. Reasons could include …

You recognise the immense value of knowing your learning impact but you don’t know where (best) to start.

You know you need to measure your training’s return on investment (ROI) and/or expectations (ROE) and seek expert guidance.

You have too few team members with the necessary skills in learning insight and analytics. 

You have too little learning data to discover any valuable insights.  

You want to upgrade your learning impact and transition to more powerful learning insight tools.

You haven’t been allocated the budget for a full-time Chief Learning (or Impact) Officer and require fractional assistance.

You’re worried you’re missing out on LX impact as you have too many competing priorities.

You need to build a business case and/or strategy to increase your learning insight capabilities.

You’re unsure whether your learning experiences match up to proven best practices and recent advances in adult learning theory.

You have questions about learning impact — how to measure and/or increase — and need someone qualified as an experienced sounding board.

What Next?

Once you’ve booked a slot, and got your Google Meet link, you will meet online with our founder, Dr Nicola Thomas, to better identify and/or understand your learning impact needs. Shortly after, we’ll wing over some brief pointers on what we could do next.