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Disco Analytics is an L&D insights agency that uses end-to-end learning analytics to generate impact and create business value.

Our learning analytics services work end-to-end so that you understand how your learners interact with your L&D activities before, during, and importantly, after to maximise your impact and value creation.

    Learning Audits

    Your L&D outcomes — learning application, impact and return — will only be as good as what you put in. Yet most don’t know how effective their learning experiences are.

    Ask yourself:

    • Do we know the impact potential of our learning experiences?
    • Are our learning experiences implemented according to proven best practices?
    • Do our learning experiences have the potential to change minds, habits, behaviours and established practices?
    • Do our learning experiences have what it takes to make a difference?

    To unlock value, we offer a hugely comprehensive auditing service to deliver actionable insights using our research-based standards, indicators and metrics.

    An audit carried out by us alerts you to critical moments of friction and opportunities that hinder or harness impact generation along the learner journey.

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    Learning Audit Report

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    Learner Analytics

    Organisations realise the power of knowing their customers inside out, yet we often overlook the value of doing the same for our learners. 

    The benefits of using learner analytics cannot be understated:

    • Deliver learning activities and development opportunities that learners actually want.
    • Avoid a damaging one-size-fits-all approach and serve up highly customised content that truly resonates.
    • Continually optimise the learner journey as we’ve identified the peaks and troughs.
    • Successfully change minds and behaviours as we know what makes them tick.
    • Increase morale, confidence and achievements as learners realise their organisational contribution.

    With our learner analytics approach, you’ll be far better connected with your people. After all, the better we know someone, the better we can meet their needs. What’s more, our approach will fully align learner needs with those of your organisation, as impact generation — for your L&D team, learners and organisation — is always the end-goal.

    Impact Evaluation

    Conducting an impact evaluation — for small or large learning interventions — is a smart move as impact evaluation goes beyond measurement. Impact evaluation seeks to identify whether, and to what extent, your intervention led, or contributed to observed changes (causal attribution or causal contribution). 

    Is it time you commissioned an impact evaluation? Questions to ask include:

    • Are your learning interventions causing a difference? 
    • For whom, in which contexts, and in what ways are your interventions making a difference?
    • To what extent can an observed impact be attributed to a specific learning intervention?

    What’s more, you may want to go one step further — impact valuation. While we can’t always (or should!) place a monetary value on the returns generated by L&D interventions, several proven means could potentially value your L&D impact that meets C-suite approval. 

      Value-Adding Strategy

      You must have a L&D strategy that measures and adds value to your organisation. Your strategy won’t gather digital dust—it’s a purposeful, actionable roadmap that guides everything you do.

      Your strategy will generate value for your learners, teams and your organisation, and we will work in true strategic partnership with your L&D team.

      Some vital steps we take involve:

      • Pinning down a compelling purpose
      • Spelling out a clear intent
      • Motivating ownership of the desired impact
      • Detailing a roadmap to achieve impact
      • Configuring relevant, robust measurements along impact pathways
      • Linking L&D activities, directly and indirectly, to operational and strategic goals
      • Building in adaptivity as your strategy unfolds – things change, surprises happen!

      Already got a L&D strategy? Ask yourself:

      • Does your strategy measure everything it should — LX performance, learning application, impact generation and its return on value?
      • Is your strategy fully aligned with strategic and operational goals and metrics?
      • Is your strategy working hard enough to deliver transformative change?
      • Is your strategy’s desired impact meaningful to all relevant stakeholders, including your C-suite, employees and team?
      • Is your strategy serving to increase your L&D visibility, reputation and value in the eyes of other important business functions?

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