Reap enormous benefits with LEXI™, the ultimate learning experience auditing methodology

Great companies continually optimise their experiences — learning experiences are no exception.

Yet few know whether their learning experiences are effective. Nor do many know whether their LXs are built according to the latest learning scientific evidence—new scientific findings are published monthly.

In fact, do you know your learning experiences’ potential leveraging power to create real impact?

We built LEXI™, the ultimate learning experience auditing methodology, to help you find out. 

Course audit report front cover illustrated with measuring tape

Shorten your distance to impact

Our LEXI™ methodology doesn’t just measure your LX’s performance against evidence-based standards. Its outputs will inform your decision-making, steer action, and create business value.

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses

Identify and prioritise your next steps to significantly improve impact

Quickly gauge your impact potential — what’s holding you back and what can drive you forward

Gain another set of expert eyes to identify performance-reducing blindspots 

Identify many different optimisation opportunities to continually improve your LX impact

A ruler showing where you are now and where you could be with the caption, "close the gap".

What Do You Get with an Audit?

An audit is designed for impact — it helps you quickly identify how to significantly increase your return — for both your organisation and learners. But in terms of pragmatics, you’ll get a report in both interactive and downloadable PDF formats. And while substantial at 100+ pages, your report is clearly laid out to prevent information overload.

As part of our auditing reporting process, you’ll get:

Consultation in an online meeting between learning analytics expert and client

75 minutes consultation

You receive two consultations: (i) a 15-minute kick-off online meeting to ensure we’re on the same page and (ii) a 60-minute report consultation.

Transparency in learning analytics

Transparent Commentary

All metrics are evidence-based and fully backed up by references and endnotes to leave an audit trail behind your scores.

Expert verdicts depicted by a tally count

Expert Verdicts

Explanatory, expert commentary accompanies each indicator, dimension and index metric to interpret each audit finding easily.

learning science effect sizes are reported

Effect Sizes

Where available, we share effect sizes, from low to very high, to indicate each LX component’s potential to leverage change.

Actionable insights are generated

Impactful Recommendations

Receive 50+ concrete actions you can take to improve your learning experience and increase learning application and business impact.

learning impact next steps

Next Steps

Your audit will unearth many opportunities. To help create change, we suggest strategic next steps to make this change happen.

How does LEXI™ work?

We’ve developed a multidimensional index to measure scientifically proven factors associated with better learning and performance outcomes. Built from the ground up—metrics→indicators→dimension→index—a typical audit measures ten dimensions against our robust standards using carefully selected indicators and metrics. Discover more by selecting a hotspot below. 

Indicator Verdict

Your report consists of at least 50 indicators.

Each indicator has a dedicated page where you will receive information on:

  • What the indicator is
  • Why it's important to measure
  • Our expert verdict so you understand the rationale behind your score
  • Your actual score

Dimension Score

Your report consists of at least ten dimensions. Each dimension summary includes:

  • Your dimension score, from A+ to F.
  • A breakdown of its constituent indicator scores.

You will also receive a forecast of how your current score could change with different levels of change.

Index Score

Your report offers an overall index score. It is built using:

  • A nautilus spiral plot that lets you quickly view your overall score and its individual dimension scores.
  • An audit will measure your course against standards that describe at least 10 dimensions including:
    1. Strategy
    2. Content Quality
    3. Tailoring
    4. Learner Journey
    5. Environmental Control
    6. Cognitive Loading
    7. Interactivity
    8. Emotional Design
    9. Impact Evaluation
    10. Impact Potential

What happens during the LEXI™ auditing process?

Our auditing reporting process, enabled by a private client zone, involves six steps:

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Your Questions, Answered

Why is it specifically an audit, not an evaluation?

Audits do take an evaluative stance, but they are not full-blown evaluations—that would involve triangulating expert opinion (this audit), learner evaluations, and an experimental approach—services we offer. Audits are a hugely valuable step in themselves. 

But why is LEXI™ an audit?

Audits share several features:

  • independent verification—a fresh pair of eyes removes blindspots and spots new opportunities.
  • systematic—our comprehensive index measures at least ten dimensions, at least 50 indicators, and more metrics!
  • documented process—everything is documented and therefore verifiable.
  • involves standards—LEXI™ consists of best practice standards we’ve systematically developed using published scientific results. 

What does LEXI™ stand for?

Learning Experience Index—LEXI is easier to say, right?

It’s an index as it is multidimensional, built up from the ground using metrics and indicators and combined into an overall index.

Why isn't the number of indicators fixed?

No course or other learning experiences are alike. For instance, different learning experiences, including courses, serve different purposes—enabling behavioural change, mindset shifts, procedural knowledge, motor skills, language acquisition, etc. These goals require measures that are relevant to these different contexts. 

Do you audit cohort-based learning courses?

Not currently but very soon, as we’re currently developing standards, and indicators, to measure those factors associated with successful community building and peer learning. 

Do you audit other types of learning experiences?

Coming soon! We’re planning to audit a wide range of LXs, including:

  • Webinars
  • Face-to-face training
  • Virtual training
  • Blended learning
  • Learning pathways
  • Learning programmes
  • Coaching programmes
  • Microlearning sessions

Please contact us to tell us your needs—we love connecting with and helping L&D folk. 

How long does an audit take?

We promise to deliver the audit report within 10 working days. Note, however, that our countdown starts from receiving your information. We can’t deliver a report without accessing your course, etc! If you need a quicker turnaround, contact us to explore this possibility.

We can’t give you access to our LMS. Can you still audit our course?

Yes, we can more than likely audit your course. If your course is built with Articulate Storyline, Rise, Studio, Adobe Captivate, Gomo, Elucidat, and more, we can launch your course behind the scenes! If your authoring tool creates an HTML or HTM file, it’ll work!

What if we disagree with your index scores?

Science is never exact, so this is a great question to ask. While our standards and metric scores are guided by scientific findings, there is bound to be some variation between scores. For instance, you may score something 3, and we might score it 4. However, if there are significant deviations, this is best discussed during our consultation.

What's not in your report?

Transparency is non-negotiable, so thank you for asking. There are two things we want to highlight.

First, while LEXI™ is the most in-depth methodology on the market, it’s not a silver bullet. Unless your course is spot on, you’ll have many exciting opportunities to improve your course. But our audit can’t make these changes for you—it can only alert you. In brief, our course audits give you a valuable map to discover how to increase your impact and training value. 

Second, if you’ve read Visible Learning by John Hattie, you’ll know the power of knowing effect sizes. They alert you to what effect you could get with a change. What published effect sizes can’t do, however, is tell you what sort of effect size you could expect if you make that specific change. Moreover, effect sizes are for a specific factor only—they can’t tell you their effect when interacting with other factors. Yet, effect sizes are a gold standard, and we’ll share important advice on discovering your own effect sizes!

How do I become a client?

Becoming a client is easy — check our course audit section to discover how easy. As soon as you’ve booked, things start happening!