Scientific Standard

Each audit involves evaluating against standards we have meticulously developed based on scientific published research.

These standards set the bar high — it's important we evaluate learning experiences based on science, not gut feel or personal experience.

Curently, our standards offer the most comprehensive you'll find in the world!

Indicator Verdict

Your report consists of at least 50 indicators to measure our standard.

Each indicator has a dedicated page where you will receive information on:


  • What the indicator is
  • Why it's important to measure
  • Our expert verdict so you understand the rationale behind your score
  • Your actual score

Dimension Score

Your report consists of at least ten dimensions. Each dimension summary includes:

  • Your dimension score, from A+ to F.
  • A breakdown of its constituent indicator scores.

You will also receive a forecast of how your current score could change with different levels of change.

Index Score

Your report offers an overall index score. It is built using:


  • A nautilus spiral plot that lets you quickly view your overall score and its individual dimension scores.
  • An audit will measure your course against standards that describe at least 10 dimensions including:
    1. Strategy
    2. Content Quality
    3. Tailoring
    4. Learner Journey
    5. Environmental Control
    6. Cognitive Loading
    7. Interactivity
    8. Emotional Design
    9. Impact Evaluation
    10. Impact Potential